Stop contemplating. Start thinking.


Clearly some people in this world have nothing better to do than making a stupid movie to try to humiliate Bill Gates. This was proven by a short video called “the pirates of silicon valley” which is really pathetic. What these people don’t realize is that Bill Gates is so rich that he doesn’t give a rat’s arse what other people say about him. I would like to tell to these mindless arseholes, the trick is not to bash Microsoft or Bill Gates but rather take a lesson from him and try to achieve success equal or greater than his. The first foolish argument that these archtype retards come up with is we need an IBM to get rich like Bill Gates. If you yourself cannot answer that question it’s not worth continuing the conversation anymore. Try to do your thing and die rather than reaching for a goal that you don’t have the mental stamina to bear for.

It’s about goddam time people stop Bill Gates bashing and think what we could learn from this man. No it’s not the same thing as learning from what Microsoft does. That would be disastorous. That would make your programs bloat and die with dog poop. That’s a whole different path which will make you and justify you as a shit eater and make you feel good about it.

It’s not worth contemplating how good/bad a person is. It’s time to stop contemplating and start thinking rationally.


2 Responses to “Stop contemplating. Start thinking.”

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