Rainy day…


Pissing rain is so annoying. I hate walking with my slippers on a rainy day on the road. But you have to do such things in life. I like the cool climate on rainy days, it’s so comforting to the body.

My ex-girlfriend is so goddamn annoying. We broke up about 5 months ago. I dumped her would be a more applicable phrase. I had my reasons. And I blocked her from my phone so I don’t receive her bullshit SMSes. We go together about 2 months ago and it lasted about a week. Broke again. And few days ago I removed her number from my black list and today I got an SMS from her.

Yes, I do love her but her annoying habits make me go crazy. Like trying to convince me the fact that I’m not giving her any attention at all, which is quite horrendous in it’s own right because I love her more than anything in this world. While the exact mental behaviour is a bit blurry, the bottom line is it makes me so fricking crazy. And she starts fighting with me for no apparent reason.

The decision to break up was not even a sudden one. It accumilated stream over a period of months although I occasionally told her about her stupid behaviour and how it makes me mad, she kinda does it unconciously which I cannot do anything about. Which also she admit as false because simply she doesn’t think she’s doing it.

Thoughts can get wild on a rainy day, I tell you.


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