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The bus ride.


Unfortunately (fortunate interms of my relationship with the bank) I have to use the public transportation no matter the desire of me for a vehicle of my own. In a way that’s good because going for a car in this stage of my life is not gonna help me in anyway beside the comfortablility it […]

This is an awesome movie to begin with. The portrayal of Truman Capote played by Philip Hoffman is just amazing. Even though I don’t know about Truman personally to make judgement about Philip’s performance, I assume it to be so close considering the awards the movie has won. It might not fall into the typical […]

Awesome quote.


Enoch Root: There’s an old analogy about the difference between committed and involved. It’s like a plate of bacon and eggs; the chicken was involved, the pig was committed. I just *love* the above sentence. I haven’t had great many relationships with girls mind you. But after the breakup I couldn’t think of anything sensible […]