Awesome quote.


Enoch Root: There’s an old analogy about the difference between committed and involved. It’s like a plate of bacon and eggs; the chicken was involved, the pig was committed.

I just *love* the above sentence.

I haven’t had great many relationships with girls mind you. But after the breakup I couldn’t think of anything sensible to do. It’s like this big black hole sucking up every thought in you leaving you in a never ending coma for few days before your rational thinking abilities slowy kick into play.

The inability of me to make a single decision baffles me. I broke up with this girl few times now and yet she keeps saying she loves me. May be it’s because we’re physically apart from each other. May be I’m a jerk afterall but I’ll never know. Yet my inner desire to communicate with her remains so huge. Why would somebody still say “I Love You” even after you say horrible things about her to make her go away. This one doesn’t just give it up. She keeps coming onto me no matter what I do. I just wanted to forget her but I can’t because I love her so much.


3 Responses to “Awesome quote.”

  1. 1 enochroot

    If you love her so much, then why do you want to forget her?

  2. enochroot: because love is not enough for a sustainable relationship IMHO. Loving is one thing but having to tolerate an awful lot of mindless shite is a whole different thing all together. At the end it melted down to whether I’m going to tolerate her nonsensical behaviour for the rest of my life or I’m moving on with my life with a person who will be slightly more compatible with my thoughts. I chose the latter and I’m trusting my gut feeling that all things will work out ok.

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