Capote, the movie.


This is an awesome movie to begin with. The portrayal of Truman Capote played by Philip Hoffman is just amazing. Even though I don’t know about Truman personally to make judgement about Philip’s performance, I assume it to be so close considering the awards the movie has won. It might not fall into the typical movie category some of you imbeciles watch on a lazy Saturday because you have nothing better to do than looking at some pussy licking action in an infinite loop. Not to mention it does have it’s own little entertaining facets to it but there should be a limit to everything.

The subtlities the director tries to convery about the actors is just mind blowing. It’s a very carefully directed movie paying attention even to micro sized details of emotions and human behaviour.

I’ve make a mental note to go down to the book store one of these days to get In Cold Blood and read the real thing. Hats off Bennett!


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