In wonderful memories of Titsy!


When I was in school there was a girl nicknamed Titsy. Why Titsy? Because she used to dress everyday in a way that it uncovered her wonderful tits and her breasts was so perfect. So all the guys used to just drool over her in the class. Unfortunately Titsy had a kind of a mystry boyfriend which who was not in our class but a total outsider. She was not very fair or that beautiful to me. It might be the fact that I’m not very attracted to dark skin women. I prefer fair skin women due to no apparent reason.

I couldn’t recall a day when she ever wore a bra though. Haven’t seen her then. It’s being an awful lot of time. I haven’t had a crush on her though. Come to think of it I would’ve been. Then again I have a hard time defining what actually is a crush. Is it a feeling that you like someone? Or a feeling that you’re so much attracted that you want to get her into your life? Or such a large desire that you want to get into her pants? Some people are a tad bit serious about this crush thing however. I had friends who would after smiling at a woman and getting a faint glance from her would scream out loud saying “OMG, she looked at me, she has a crush on me, I must ask her”. Oh well…


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