Reboot, relationship.


Hmm… after much thought, I decided to start my relationship again. Don’t have the slightest of ideas how it’ll gonna work out this time. Let’s see without making any future predictions. Predictions can be bad specially when the information available is limited. As those of you who have done it, maintaining a long distance relationship is awfully hard.

Truth be told, this is my first and only relationship I ever had with a girl. I do have some girls as my friends but haven’t never been in a “relationship”. So the general impression people have is that you’re really fucked up after you broke up the first relationship. I know a few guys who actually did some stupid stuff after their first breakup. Not me, and few of my friends are surprised how I was after my first breakup. I’m not a guy who’ll do a stupid thing because something happened to me.

I never got drunk in a bar, drove over and checked how stiff an electricity pole is, make it have an impact on my academic life. None of those happened. So the conclusion of the general moronic population was I was some kind of extraterestrial person.

Retarded comments aside, the bottom line is I’m starting this whole thing all over again for the god knows what time. My relationship was (is?) like a rollercoaster ride, so far and I’m desperately trying to get my butt on a real flat road. Bumpy rides can be depressing at times.


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