The Finished People, movie.


Awesome awesome awesome movie! You MUST see this. Although I never claim to be a “film critique” I really like this movie. The whole story is based on everyday lives of few street kids in Cabaramatta (somewhere in Australia).

The film is build on the lives of three individual kids. One, a drug addict who desperately want to be with his girl friend who does a decent job. Two, a guy fantasices about being a good father to his baby which still in his girl friend’s belly. Three, a bit of an aggressive kid living in top of a roof top. I’ve heard about street kids, but never in Australia. My perception of Australia is through the stuff I’ve seen on TV and stuff. I guess every country is no different in this sense where they show only the cute side of it and we never get a chance to see the reality unless you go there or read some explicit literature about it’s culture and lives of people but then again I highly doubt that words can matchup for some touchy seens shown in the movie The Finished People.

The best part for me was the scene in a garage (ha!) where a ganster boss type of of dude saying the kid to kick his girl friend or else he will shoot the guy. So the guy has a choice of either dying or loosing his precious baby by kicking his girl friend. Now the general feeling is that he will stand against doing a wrong thing and will sacrifice his life. Quite the contrary. This guy chooses to kick his girl friend only to be stopped by the ganster boss and reminds him that she’s carrying his baby and tell him to fuck off. Then the girl abandon him and he’s regrets for what he did. Why would he make such a decision? Can you do that kind of horrific thing in the face of death? I think we all have to face such a sittuation to find out what actually *we* will do. No matter how much confidence we have in our lives things can get a bit blurry in the face of death. I was assuming that he’ll choose to die because that’s what happens in almost all the “I’m the good guy. Beat all the bad guys. I win” kinda movies.

The cast is not professional at all. Infact they’re acting for the first time in a movie in their lives. That’s pretty darn amazing for a bunch of first timers to come up with a movie this touchy. The environment they’re trying to portray has contributed a lot to the success of the movie. Lives of street kids. While watching the movie it occured again and again that I’m really glad not to be a street kid and I would work hard as I could to be “someone” someday and help out to the less fortunate ones to make their lives better. The director slaps the audience in the face so hard that they’re gonna remember the pain for a long time.

Khoa Do, and the entire The Finished People clan, you guys get my standing ovation for 15 minutes straight! Kudos for a job well done and thank you for a fantastic movie and making this rainly Sunday afternoon a memorable one.


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