Throttle, the movie.


This is an absolutely worthless piece of shit. Actually it’s a disgrace to the word “movie” even we cannot do anything because some fucker failed learn “how do I make a good movie” class. See.. stop crewing the girl next door and get on with your lessons you sorry arse son of a Platypus.

The movie begins with an equally useless spooky scene in a garage that make you feel “is this the end of the movie or what”. This asswipe director tried to think out of the box by reversing the name scrolling thing you can see in the end of a movie to the front. Bad move. It spans almost two and a half minutes! omgwtf?!? Then again it might be a good contribution to the worst movie ever made. Actually I’m just kidding there are quite a lot of movies that are waiting to get that title. This one undoubtedly a strong contender.

Like all the stupid directors this one tries to generate some suspicion on the Victor character by creating conversation between Tom and Victor which has a bit of tension to it. Tom is here in the garage for stealing money. Quite a lot of money. Then we’re given hints here and there as to what this deal about very vaguely. However the amount of money it’ll get them is quite clear.

In his way to park his car, the first meeting with the mystry truck which Tom almost hit on the face. As one would guess, the driver should be quite a character since he’s busy changing clothes and vehicles. Then the whole struggle with the mystry truck. It’s trying to kill him. Not kill him in an instanct but by suffering. As later the mystry truck driver Eddie says he wanted him to suffer and die which is quite ironic because he says Tom is a good guy. So good guys should suffer and die where as the bad guys just die in an instant. Quite humorous.

So the story in a nutshell is a depressed security guard in a big garage trying “fix” things (as he calls it) by killing people who treat him badly. Hello? Isn’t there anyother sensible thing in this world to make a movie from? I wonder what were the moronic director was thinking. And he let us suffer for one and a half hours. Bloody twat.


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