Relationship continues…


This time I’m taking a bit of a cautionary or less talking approach in my relationship. Maintaining a distant relation means A LOT of SMSes and chats, which don’t quite match up to a face to face conversation. So deliberately very few communication is done from my part. On the previous occasions there was like 30+ SMSes a day plus about 3 – 4 hours of chatting. Maintaining this kind of communication while trying to balance between my academic and professional lives is damn hard. Besides I hate this whole SMS shite in the first place. Having a phone is not bad but the real problem is every other one you know can reach you and it becomes an unbearable nuissance at times. Time wasted on SMSes pushing this weiredly small keypad is horrendous.

No more stupid SMSes or chatting on working hours anymore, I’m trying to slowly backoff from IMing because that’s is one huge productivity killer. I want to work in peace goddamit. Don’t message me. Best way to say that message is to stay offline without logging in. Invisible mode is pointless because GAIM doesn’t support it, and even if it did, I might get the urge to talk to someone about something and waste time.


One Response to “Relationship continues…”

  1. lmao I do the same thing at work…. But now, instead of IMing, I waste most of my time reading random BLOGS! hahahahaaaaa

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