School of the future


… runs Windows Vista. Or may be not because it’s opening somewhere September this year. Found this via Jade’s blog post. The single most distrubing factor Jade fails to see here is that Microsoft is not doing this for the benefit of the human kind. As a company they want to make money by any means necessary. So by opening a school and teaching kids to build tools on top of their quarter arsed operating system and platforms they’re getting more greenery and effectively crippling mind of young people. I have no problem whatsoever with Microsoft getting money, after all that’s what a company be doing. What’s disturbing is uninformed people like Jade jumping into conclusions that Microsoft is the next best thing after cheese baked ham with peperoni and bacon sandwitch.

Jade honey, don’t jump into conclusions so fast just because they have a nicely written essay on the web site and willing to spend a boat load of money. Try to understand why they are doing this. Is it because they just love our future generation and want to do good for the humanity? Or is it because they don’t have any other thing to do with the money? Or … is there something more than it seem to this?

Try to find the real reasons behind a thing before you make a comment like,

I encourage all teachers to go to the web site and check out some of the helpful ideas it has for your classroom.

because a wrong decision taken without a real justification or understanding will yield to a catastrophic to the entire future generation of great minds.


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