Archive for August 21st, 2006

Yes, after about another week of horror it ended today. I really cannot take this shit anymore. She’s so much concerned to herself that she completely forget that there are other people who has more work than her own. She wanted my help with some stupid academic work which I cannot afford to spend time […]

Funny searches


Was just going through the stats page and noticed some bizarre search terms leading to my blog. First up is “pussy inspection”. Someone wants to inspect a pussy. May be the person is a mentally disturbed MD trying to research before diving into the real thing. May be a state policeman trying to learn a […]

I tasted a comparatively expensive piece of cake today. It tasted wonderful! At the same time it gave a bit of an old taste also indicating that this piece probably have been there for at least two days or so but you cannot help it. The chocolate and vanilla mixture was just awesome! Yes, I […]