Cakes… oh the good.


I tasted a comparatively expensive piece of cake today. It tasted wonderful! At the same time it gave a bit of an old taste also indicating that this piece probably have been there for at least two days or so but you cannot help it. The chocolate and vanilla mixture was just awesome! Yes, I am a chocoholic. I love chocolates. The creaminess in the icing just melted in my mouth. Ooh I wish that lasted a little bit more. Or the piece of cake was a bit more larger.

Recently I have developed this habit of tasting various stuff. No I’m not into drugs of anykind. I hate drugs. I think people who take drugs (weed included) for fun or just for the kicks are total imbeciles. I’m a non alcoholic person. So it’s easier for me to say that. I have tasted beer and whisky and have smoked a Marlborough when I was so young. My father was smoking at that time so I wanted to try it. Grabbed a cigar secretly and tried to smoke it as he does. Tasted awful.

I don’t know what is so facinating about getting some smoke into your lungs and putting it back. It’s absurd. Smokers are mentally retarded. Smoking is gay.


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