Relationship… ends.


Yes, after about another week of horror it ended today. I really cannot take this shit anymore. She’s so much concerned to herself that she completely forget that there are other people who has more work than her own. She wanted my help with some stupid academic work which I cannot afford to spend time on because I’m usually overworked. I love the stuff I do. There she is asking for help. I told her that I can’t because that simply is the truth and I’m not comfortable doing other people’s homework because at the end of the day they don’t learn anything for themselves. And there she went like she had to go to other guys to get this done and what not. The funny thing is this guys she mentioned doesn’t have the slightest of ideas what he’s doing.

I gave her some hints to tackle the problem but as expected she wanted the real deal done and to be handed over to her. Heh… fuck me you stupid cunt. Just for the record I’ve done numerous academic work for her and her fucking friends in the past when I had more time. Now I don’t. These bitches just want to get their dirty work done and that’s it. Treat me like shit rest of the time.

I’m dreaming for the day I’m going to have a lovely angel who really cares about me. Sigh.


One Response to “Relationship… ends.”

  1. My first impression is that you did the right thing. It really sounds like you were being used, especially if you were trying to give her advice on how to do it herself, and she didn’t want that. On top of that it sounds like she was playing the jealousy card to force your hand. It doesn’t sound worth it.

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