Cypher, the movie.


Cyper is not a movie like it claims to be on the cover. By reading it I thought that the movie would have some kind of reference or scenes to encryption, cryptography, code breaking. I was thoroughly dissapointed because it had none. The essence of the movie is uncovering some secret information residing in a high secure “compound” called The Vault. Now you might say, “well.. there you have it, uncovering some secret information”. But I was assuming something of a more explicit nature. Something relating to the whole computer security thing. May be it’s a sign that I shouldn’t make assumptions about things without thinking broadly about it. Ok, everybody has a first step.

The movies shows some hideous brain washing technique. Luicy Lue, oh teh sexy. Here’s the story for the impatient. There are two major “security” rivals. There is another independent security contractor named… can’t recall now and I’m too lazy to look it up on Wikipedia. He is the good guy. He wanted to acquire some secret information that is on The Vault which is sort of a high security storage facility belonging to one major company, Sunray (?). So this guy brainwashes himself and join the other company as an employee. What those companies doing with all those people is beyond me. May be they’re testing their brainwashing equipment. May be some weired shit I couldn’t possibly understand. Either way, with help from his lover (Luicy) he manages to remain concious in meetings and (oh I must note here that he don’t know that Luicy is actally his lover. Why? Did you just ask “why?”. It’s because he brainwashed himself you pussy). Then after a series of dramatic events he’s employed by Sunray to act as a double agent.

And after yet another set of dramatic events, which I kinda felt asleep, he’s in a helicopter destroying all the bad guys (ha ha, suckers). So he won, and all are happy. Except the bad guys, of course.


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