Downfall, the movie.


Downfall is an awesome awesome war epic. This is a MUST see classic. A gem of it’s own. Some people argue that it tries to humanize the cruelty of Hitler. But those people are meant to be shotdown ruthlessly. This whole movie is about the final moments inside Hitler’s bunker. Some people do suicide, including the great Hitler himself. Hitler is so great that I wish I had his mouth and ruthless nature to take his plans to the next level. No it’s not by holding the control switch to nuclear power as those nationless American punks think. And if you happen to be such a punk arsed American cunt who happen to read my blog, please fuck off and die for the love of Hitler. This movie shows how great and nobel the German people are. A really awesome portraly of the bravest souls who will do anything to protect their nation.

Too bad there were too many traitors close to Hitler. Otherwise those Russian cunts will be eating their own shit for breakfast.

I repeat, this movie is a must see if you have anylove for a good movie. I’m not going to spoil the fun by saying any storylines here. Absolutely awsome movie. I enjoyed the movie tremendously.

2 Responses to “Downfall, the movie.”

  1. 1 Miles

    Hitler wanted the 3 million Germans killed and the land to be leveled….he was a coward and crazy….he double crossed Stalan….He and his generals killed themselves….ALL COWARDS!!!! They didn’t even care about the German civilians….Just themselves as all cowards do! Heil Cowards!!!! They blamed the German people for voting them in and giving them the mandate so the deserved to die….Heil cowards!!!!!

  2. Such hatred… such capitalization, I see you’re quite a fan of the exclamation mark. Good, quite good. But don’t practice it too often, too bad for your balls Miley boy. That is if you got any.

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