Monalisa Smile, movie.


This is a nice movie with lots of lovely ladies. A movie with the magical smile of Julia Roberts is never going to get unnoticed anyway. The story is about a bunch of art chicks who have nothing else to but read their next term text books during the holidays. They know the facts but their appreciation for all things beautiful is extremely low. Not to mention their implied way of a “good” life. And Julia’s role as the teacher is to make them pursue their passions and open their minds to the world.

There is not much to tell about this kind of easy going movies except the good work of the director of balancing the granularity correctly between what does work and what does not. This type of movie however could readily be compared with a movie like… what’s it’s name… European Gigolo thing. Which is pure toture to me throughout the period. I fell the trauma of my dying brain cells. It’s like a leech sucking all of the thinking and analytical capacity of the our brains.

However the clip that shows the selection process of the cleaning chick is a bit interesting. It’s readily evident that how desperate some of the hookers are to gain some action in the movie or get some greenery.

This is another nice thing about the blogging. You start with some heading and you go on an on and on and end up with a completely different topic. Unlike an essay or a conventional piece of writing that’s perfectly ok because blogging is meant to be that. Well… at least for me. The ability to write freely without worrying about people associating me as a person to my thoughts is a great feeling. You could go on saying whatever things you can and people could read and understand the writing instead of trying to contemplate “what kind of a person this bugger is…” or “I never though he would have any thoughts like this” or whatever horrendous conclusion people will likely to make.

Coming back to the Monalisa Smile, seeing a lot of beautiful girls is always a nice thing. This movie is quite worth watching.


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