Human Trafficking, the movie


This movie is by far the best immotional movie I’ve ever seen. I confess, I almost cried. Usually men don’t cry often. So I didn’t cry screaming to the world although I wanted to do that so much. Before this movie, I’ve heard the word human trafficking but I’ve never knew the meaning of it. I didn’t care to look it up and found out. So for the people who don’t know the meaning of the word human trafficking it’s the process of selling women as sex workers without their will.

Human trafficking is really really a problem. And you thought war was bad. Actually war is good compared to the nature of human trafficking. In war you either die or loose some of your body part (if you are unlucky). In human trafficking you’re being fucked over and over and over, ass fucked, beaten. Just for a second imagine if you’re in that position. These women (mostly aged between 10 – 20) are held against their will and being told that if they ever try to run away to “disobey” their loved ones will get hurt. Can you imagine what it is like? I guess not. They’re letting their selves get raped in the sake of the good living of their father, little child, brother, mother and so forth.

There was an instance where this dude call to a girl and tell her to undress herself. Can you imagine what it would be like for a 16 year old innocent girl to undress herself in front of a stranger? She’s doing it because of fear. Can you just fucking imagine that you cunts? Yes I’m talking to those people who goes to whore houses to get “pleasure”. Because *you*, motherfucker wants to fuck some pussy, some innocent 16 year old girl is humiliated and have to give her pussy for your pleasure.

Did you ever thought that this might be your daughter? Wife? Son? Or someone you really care about? And still you think war is so bad? This world has gone crazy. Think about it. Of course you can’t, I’m such an idiot to tell you idiotic fuckwits to think because if you even had a pigeon brain, you would’ve thought about this earlier.

This movie is an absolute must see. It’s so immotional and I don’t recommend it watching if you’re a sensitive person and is easily hurt.

The real sad thing is that there’s a dialogue and it says that this each girl at the house is being having 12 clients per day. Can you picture that? Fucked 12 times a day. Nothing but fucking. Do you think that’s enjoyable? Do you think that they’re having fun? What would you feel if your son/daughter was in a whore house fucked up 12 times a day by strangers? Fucking pathetic. Now you can go fuck a 13 year old and laugh at me. What difference does it make?


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