Oily food is bad.


Very bad. It’s kinda ok if and only if it taste good. I got some awful dinner day before yesterday or so. Sure it looked pretty nice but when I started eating it, oh the horror. It was this rice thing with some other mouth watering stuff. The rice was so oily that it’s as if you take some with the spoon and put raw oil in it before you put it in your mouth. You could taste the raw oil. Yuck.

I regret very much that there is no easy way of obtaining a cappucinno here. So instead I have to settle with something close, that’s not good as the previous but I have no real choice here 😦


3 Responses to “Oily food is bad.”

  1. 1 piool

    U dumb person.I love oily food!!! I eat a lot every day. And more, I am only 100 kg!!! Hah!!! Compare that!!!!????

  2. Well… may be the rules are different in Hong Kong. But dude, trust me on this one, doctors recommend not to have too many oily food. May be you’re only 100kg but the day when you turn 40, the stuff you ate two decades ago will be coming to haunt the shit out of you.

  1. 1 lodine

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