The social networking saga


People talk about social networking on the web. They invent various kinds of words for what’s already there so that they could do “consulting” and grab a lot of green from dumb company executives. Myspace seems to be the leading contender of the game. And Hi5 is also there and then there are tons that tries to copy them in a miserable way. After going through couple of myspace profiles I could say with confidence that most of the myspace users are cunts. Teh l33t haX0r type dudes and do littles.

My girl friend is on Hi5. She tried to drag me to that miserable shit hole. So I got an account and signed in. Looked through couple of profiles and I’m pretty sure that 99% of the people in Hi5 are retarded dumb fuckwits. Luckily I dropped that account later on. It doesn’t have to be that way though. I don’t wanna be a part of a cuntful society.


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