Search term strangeness


I posted about weird search terms people were using to find my blog sometime back. And the search term weirdness is getting weirder by the day. Today someone used “monalisa fuck picture” on to a search engine. I’m quite facinated to know the mental state of such a person. What were you thinking man? Monalisa is a shemale, period.

“jesus hi5”. Apparently someone thought Jesus will be on Hi5. May be he’s on myspace too.

“how to make weird noises”. Christ man, go to a mental hospital. Now.


One Response to “Search term strangeness”

  1. Search terms strangeness seems to evolve with a life of its own. It’s partly Google’s fault (Yahoo! and for not semantically ‘connecting the meanings together’ – also the fact that people usually don’t use speech marks – and the fact that so many diverse words appear in your blog posts that sure, some will be picked out and reconnected that you never intended to be put together. Comprenez?

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