Pukka? ROTFL.


What is Pukka? Pukka is the name given to a commercial del.icio.us posting client. I’m sure that these people had no idea whatsoever what the name means.

In Sinhala the word “Puka” means arse. It’s not that offensive of a term but that’s what it means. Then the word “Pukka” is used for insulting purposes, it’s same as the word “fucker”. You tell that to a person. Same with Pukka. Well… a close analogy would be an arsehole. So unless you want to grab the $5 Pukka and stick it so far up your arse, you have a bad naming scheme for your products. Just a thought mind you.



2 Responses to “Pukka? ROTFL.”

  1. Hi there, I develop Pukka. You’re right that I didn’t know the Sinhala translation, but I actually got the idea from British slang, where it means delicious (I believe it came from Hindi). Also, there are a number of other products and services that use the name:


    This includes a pie company in the UK! Heh. Oh well… can’t hope to win ’em all. Thanks for the notice, though — it’s something to be sensitive to.

  2. Hehe… no problemo mate 😀

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