Movie time is the right time.


Some of the idealists who read this might be a bit dissapointed, but who care’s about them anyway. I’ve decided to write about movies again, just to keep track of the stuff I watched and the things I like. After all this is a la journal. Been into movies a lot lately. It is fun, I’ve build up a method of keeping myself happy everyday, everysecond. That’s a lot of fun, believe me. You could try it too. I started with small “rewards” (if you can call it that) like an ice cream. It worked like this, when I feel like eating an ice cream I go grab one and enjoy eating it. That boost my happiness/enthusiasm into very high levels. Might be a bizzare for some of you but that works for me.

And no, I don’t think of big things such as having a feeling to get a Hummer H2 and going and getting it. I’m being realistic here. The ice cream this is just one example. I find that I could concentrate better when I’m in a happy mood.

My ex-girl friend is having some very weird behaviour like when I’m involved with something that will help me to be successful in my life, she tends to demotivate me and redirect my attention from those to stupid bullshit. I could very well give an example here. I was having an exams couple of months back and she started complaining that I’m such a rude person and telling me that I’m having an affair with someone else. Which is totally ridiculous. I told her like 10 times that I will not be able to call her during my exams ‘cos I want to concentrate on my studies more for that particular week but there she was complaining and fighting with me. This is all day before the exam.

I don’t know why people are having such thoughts…. why would one ever want to do that? I would like everyone in this world to be intelligent and passionate about the things they do and be honest and good to everyone they associate with. What do you have to loose just being nice to people? I was wrong, there are people like my ex, who have their own hidden agendas and try to pull down when people start to climb the ladder of success. Those shit eating cunts are now worth to this world.


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