Today was a bit dull day, raining… After having my lunch I headed to the washroom only to be terrified by a fucking snake! I ran like… I forget how I ran and informed the land lord about the mindblogglingly horrific and terrifying thing. Then a servant peacefully comes and pokes around here and there wait for the snake to go and says that it has come ‘cos of the frogs. I was like WTF?? The ideal reaction would be panic, jumps around, panic, search for the kerosine wildly, grab it, throws into the snake, set fire on it. Ha ha, eat that you sucker!

None happened. No kerosine. Plenty of panic. Now I’m suppose to get on with my life. Aaaarg. That thing is out there. That bloody servant let a vicious thing escape. Moron.

On a side note, was having a conversation with someone about horror movies. He’s not into horror movies. His main argument is why would any sane person want to pay and get horrified? Well… these days people pay and get pissed and tortured. Weird indeed. This bugger is someone who doesn’t even touch a movie if it contain any words resembling to fear/horror etc… and refused to watch “The Faculty” because it said “Hip and Scary” on the cover. Humans are indeed weird by definition.


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