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Very bad. It’s kinda ok if and only if it taste good. I got some awful dinner day before yesterday or so. Sure it looked pretty nice but when I started eating it, oh the horror. It was this rice thing with some other mouth watering stuff. The rice was so oily that it’s as […]

I tasted a comparatively expensive piece of cake today. It tasted wonderful! At the same time it gave a bit of an old taste also indicating that this piece probably have been there for at least two days or so but you cannot help it. The chocolate and vanilla mixture was just awesome! Yes, I […]

Eating habits


The disadvantage to the side of having to buy your food from the cafe everyday is that you get pretty bored quickly and the food becomes completely tasteless . I miss the great food my mum prepares. Another problem is finding food that is eatable for a reasonable price. Viable but somewhat riskier approach to […]