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Some of the idealists who read this might be a bit dissapointed, but who care’s about them anyway. I’ve decided to write about movies again, just to keep track of the stuff I watched and the things I like. After all this is a la journal. Been into movies a lot lately. It is fun, […]

Pukka? ROTFL.


What is Pukka? Pukka is the name given to a commercial posting client. I’m sure that these people had no idea whatsoever what the name means. In Sinhala the word “Puka” means arse. It’s not that offensive of a term but that’s what it means. Then the word “Pukka” is used for insulting purposes, […]

Someone who is thinking that a physical structure resembling some other physical structure which are two different things although they “look” similar, offended by the one he’s not familiar with, is. Who would want to do that? Muslims. Apparently not all of them but a certain subset of them. They claim that the new Apple […]

People talk about social networking on the web. They invent various kinds of words for what’s already there so that they could do “consulting” and grab a lot of green from dumb company executives. Myspace seems to be the leading contender of the game. And Hi5 is also there and then there are tons that […]

This is a nice movie with lots of lovely ladies. A movie with the magical smile of Julia Roberts is never going to get unnoticed anyway. The story is about a bunch of art chicks who have nothing else to but read their next term text books during the holidays. They know the facts but […]

Funny searches


Was just going through the stats page and noticed some bizarre search terms leading to my blog. First up is “pussy inspection”. Someone wants to inspect a pussy. May be the person is a mentally disturbed MD trying to research before diving into the real thing. May be a state policeman trying to learn a […]

The bus ride.


Unfortunately (fortunate interms of my relationship with the bank) I have to use the public transportation no matter the desire of me for a vehicle of my own. In a way that’s good because going for a car in this stage of my life is not gonna help me in anyway beside the comfortablility it […]