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Ever seen an asshole? Or what it defines one as an asshole? Here’s one. There are many conditions to define a person as an asshole. This 40 something married male sold his wife to get some money. He let strangers fuck his wife over and over again to get money. If you need money so […]

This movie is by far the best immotional movie I’ve ever seen. I confess, I almost cried. Usually men don’t cry often. So I didn’t cry screaming to the world although I wanted to do that so much. Before this movie, I’ve heard the word human trafficking but I’ve never knew the meaning of it. […]

… runs Windows Vista. Or may be not because it’s opening somewhere September this year. Found this via Jade’s blog post. The single most distrubing factor Jade fails to see here is that Microsoft is not doing this for the benefit of the human kind. As a company they want to make money by any […]