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Cyper is not a movie like it claims to be on the cover. By reading it I thought that the movie would have some kind of reference or scenes to encryption, cryptography, code breaking. I was thoroughly dissapointed because it had none. The essence of the movie is uncovering some secret information residing in a […]

This is a nice movie with lots of lovely ladies. A movie with the magical smile of Julia Roberts is never going to get unnoticed anyway. The story is about a bunch of art chicks who have nothing else to but read their next term text books during the holidays. They know the facts but […]

Found out about a some what cool but could be so much cooler site, Good thing is that it has some funny content up there. It’s as if these buggers are watching the movies with the Habal telescope or something. The bad news is that the site is really fucked up. I mean who […]

Just watch this pathetic trailer on YouTube and it’s like one of the most idiotic movies ever made joining the number two. I wached the second movie and I wondered why was everyone of my friends was laughing about? I laughed because they laughed. I was younger then. These types of third class movies which […]

Awesome awesome awesome movie! You MUST see this. Although I never claim to be a “film critique” I really like this movie. The whole story is based on everyday lives of few street kids in Cabaramatta (somewhere in Australia). The film is build on the lives of three individual kids. One, a drug addict who […]

This is an absolutely worthless piece of shit. Actually it’s a disgrace to the word “movie” even we cannot do anything because some fucker failed learn “how do I make a good movie” class. See.. stop crewing the girl next door and get on with your lessons you sorry arse son of a Platypus. The […]

This is an awesome movie to begin with. The portrayal of Truman Capote played by Philip Hoffman is just amazing. Even though I don’t know about Truman personally to make judgement about Philip’s performance, I assume it to be so close considering the awards the movie has won. It might not fall into the typical […]