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MySpace != Cool


Having a myspace page does not give you a pass to hangout with the “cool” kids. Infact it’s quite the opposite. If you have a myspace profile, you’re a loser. Yeah right. LOSER! One might argue that myspace is just another site on the net and one can create an account on it and use […]

Eating habits


The disadvantage to the side of having to buy your food from the cafe everyday is that you get pretty bored quickly and the food becomes completely tasteless . I miss the great food my mum prepares. Another problem is finding food that is eatable for a reasonable price. Viable but somewhat riskier approach to […]

Clearly some people in this world have nothing better to do than making a stupid movie to try to humiliate Bill Gates. This was proven by a short video called “the pirates of silicon valley” which is really pathetic. What these people don’t realize is that Bill Gates is so rich that he doesn’t give […]