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This is an awesome movie to begin with. The portrayal of Truman Capote played by Philip Hoffman is just amazing. Even though I don’t know about Truman personally to make judgement about Philip’s performance, I assume it to be so close considering the awards the movie has won. It might not fall into the typical […]

Jefferson Disk


Jefferson disk is an amazing cryptographic system. Rather than just plain substitution like in the Caesar cipher Jefferson used a primitive “key” which is a novel idea at that time IMO. If you think about it a little bit, it’s doesn’t suffer any form of popular cryptanalyst attacks (ciphertext only, known plaintext, and chosen plaintext). […]

Rainy day…


Pissing rain is so annoying. I hate walking with my slippers on a rainy day on the road. But you have to do such things in life. I like the cool climate on rainy days, it’s so comforting to the body. My ex-girlfriend is so goddamn annoying. We broke up about 5 months ago. I […]