… Don’t ever come again another day. I have an annoying headache now. Had an extended nap in the evening after lunch and it got worse. Was reading some stuff continously on the LCD that might be the likely cause of the headache.

Life is a strange thing. I was thinking about my future life a bit today. What I want to become, what would I be in another 5 – 10 years time. I want to become a better programmer, a hacker. Not one of those malicious kind. And definitely not one of those self proclaimed ones.

Travis Simmons’ jokes are quite nice. Quite laughable I should say. Watched some of them on youtube. I liked the N word joke. That’s hilarious. And that computer porn problem joke by what’s his name.

Saw a pure H2O sample on my cousin’s house. She says you have to mix 1:10 ratio of water to make it a mouth wash since the acidness is too much in that. Cool.


URL’s journey


I want to know what exactly happens when you give a particular URL to the web browser. What does it do? I know bits and pieces there, name has to be resolved, DNS query, fetching the page etc… but I want to know the whole story step by step. First what happens then what and then and so on. I guess I can just read the source code but right now I’m a bit lazy and have some other stuff to finish first. I will write about it here someday, when I go through it. I’m so curious to find out what acutally happens.

I posted about weird search terms people were using to find my blog sometime back. And the search term weirdness is getting weirder by the day. Today someone used “monalisa fuck picture” on to a search engine. I’m quite facinated to know the mental state of such a person. What were you thinking man? Monalisa is a shemale, period.

“jesus hi5”. Apparently someone thought Jesus will be on Hi5. May be he’s on myspace too.

“how to make weird noises”. Christ man, go to a mental hospital. Now.

Online TV


I’m late to jump on the online TV band wagon, I think. I’ve recently being having fun with TVUPlayer available from Viidoo. There are various channels to choose from and the quality is not that bad. It’s a massive convenience. Now you don’t have to turn away from the LCD screen to look into your favourite TV program (assuming that your favourite TV program is being broadcasts in one of the subset of channels available via the TVUPlayer).

As some people I don’t think that this will replace conventional cable quite yet. Quality being the main factor. It’s of low quality than on the cable. Then again it’s totally free! The only requirement is having a relatively good connection to the internets and that’s not a luxury these days. So there.

MySpace != Cool


Having a myspace page does not give you a pass to hangout with the “cool” kids. Infact it’s quite the opposite. If you have a myspace profile, you’re a loser. Yeah right. LOSER! One might argue that myspace is just another site on the net and one can create an account on it and use it. What’s the big deal? People can create a blog or a google page these days so why not myspace?

Heh… It’s staggering that how many people does get it these days. As for the myspace and hi5 fanatic retards I would like to say myspace is the greatest thing on this whole earth. Don’t try to find out what’s bad about it, please…. what you’re doing is the right thing.

Why do I whine about this whole myspace, hi5 networks all the time? Because I absolutely hates it. Because I think people who use these sites doesn’t have a clue that writing in SMS language is NOT cool. They should seriously think again when exposed to such a wonderful medium as the Internet. Having a page which no one can read the text or having hideous pictures everywhere on the internets does not, repeat does not make you cool yar. Get a life.

Is it the end?


In the past couple of weeks I got back to gether with my girl friend as the previous post described and we fought and broke up again. I haven’t spoken to her in 3 or 4 days now. Not a single word. We had a stupid fight and that’s it. This nonsense needs to end. I got to get my fucking thoughts straight. For the love of god, what the fuck am I doing all this time? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself all this past 3 or 4 days. I need strength to stop this stupid behaviour of mine and get on with life. The problem here is that I feel so sorry for her when she starts talking about the good times we had and tells me to forget the past and start over. That’s been the case all this time.

I think I have to develop a mind that’s not too sensitive to these matters. Thinking objectively about it, I feel that this should’ve ended a long time ago and I should’ve said no to her all this time after about the 5th break up. What’s gone is gone, you cannot change the past. What you can do is get experience from it and build a better future. This time I’m determined than ever. I know what I have to do. This time I’m not gonna mess my life because of her.

So, this will mark the end of my first love. It was like a wild rollercoaster ride (thank god real life rollercoasters are not like that). There I mark a milestone in my life. I’m getting old. That might sound a bit funny to some of you, but that’s okay. I can get credit for make someone smile.

My last post about me being afraid of marrying is totally nonsensical. What the fuck am I thinking. Every time I look at my baby’s face it gives me the confidence that she is the right one for me. She is my darling angel and I’m gonna marry her someday. We’ve gone through the brokeup/get together phase for N + 1 times and it’s time to put a full stop to that. No more breaking up. Yes, I’ve been an asshole and I’m greatly sorry for that if you could ever forgive me. I don’t think you read my blog. But I want to tell you that I love you. And yes you will be my lovely wife. Thank you for being there for me darling. You mean the world to me pumpkin.