Yes, that’s true my friends, bow to thy masta cook! Yours truly sat out on a great and nobel quest to become a cook. Cook my own food. And the first meal has made history already, it marked it presence and now residing 10 feet deeper below ground level somewhere in this planet earth, which infact, known to many people by the affectionate four letter word, shit. I was always on the err side to the idea that cooking my own thing because simply I don’t have that much of slack time to engage in those activites. But contrary to the popular beliefs I finally made my first move. And it was not as easy as it sounds for sure. I’m quite surprised to see how my mum made it look so easy. It’s a carefully cut, timed activity that turn completely unsexy set of plants and whatnot look so sexy and easy to the tongue and the liver as pleasant as humanly possible. Yes, I never liked Biology much.

Out of gazzillion set of things to cook I chose a food that’s moderately advanced to cook. Maggi noodles. As it turns out it was tricker than it seemed. Atleast advertised. You need a bowl of boiling water and once that’s ready you have to put the noodles into the bowl and whatever that flavour packet and cook for two minutes. That’s what the printed instructions said. So I grabbed the stop watch, and waited for two minutes. It was NOT cooked after two minutes. I could still feel the hardness of the noodles. Instead I waited like 5 – 6 minutes. I lost count ‘cos by that time panic set in and I was jumping up and down, running here and there for no apparent reason and I almost dropped the stop watch to the bowl of noodles with boiling water. However after 5 – 6 minutes and some added black magick I refuse to disclose publicly it was about damn time. It tasted like… maggi noodles. I had to buy extra plastic bowls with holes to filter away the boiling water from the noodles.

The whole unsettling thing about cooking is washing the dishes part. There’s so many of them to wash and I hate it. Wonder how mum does it. Anyways now my dear readers, there’s no one to stop me. Stay tuned for more N dimensinal receipes from a parallel universe by non other than ther person who’s typing this post right now!




Today was a bit dull day, raining… After having my lunch I headed to the washroom only to be terrified by a fucking snake! I ran like… I forget how I ran and informed the land lord about the mindblogglingly horrific and terrifying thing. Then a servant peacefully comes and pokes around here and there wait for the snake to go and says that it has come ‘cos of the frogs. I was like WTF?? The ideal reaction would be panic, jumps around, panic, search for the kerosine wildly, grab it, throws into the snake, set fire on it. Ha ha, eat that you sucker!

None happened. No kerosine. Plenty of panic. Now I’m suppose to get on with my life. Aaaarg. That thing is out there. That bloody servant let a vicious thing escape. Moron.

On a side note, was having a conversation with someone about horror movies. He’s not into horror movies. His main argument is why would any sane person want to pay and get horrified? Well… these days people pay and get pissed and tortured. Weird indeed. This bugger is someone who doesn’t even touch a movie if it contain any words resembling to fear/horror etc… and refused to watch “The Faculty” because it said “Hip and Scary” on the cover. Humans are indeed weird by definition.

This is an amazing sexy “thriller”. It’s about an incredibly stupid Irish tennis player. Moral of the story is do not let your emotions control you, instead control your emotions. When it the other way around you’ll definitely be in trouble. It’s about one of those people who cheats his wife. Speaking of cheating a hilarious story that comes into mind is RFJason‘s craigslist experiment. This is a very good lesson for all those motherfuckers who cheat their loved ones and getting involved with this sort of thing.

I cannot believe that a guy used his email address to respond to this. Fucking moron. And he gave his phone number!!! What a loser. Here’s the relevant excerpt,

Jerry xxx

NSA meeting, and if we hit things off well, may turn into a safe and ongoing NSA friendship. This of course is if you like what we give each other?lol I’m married and looking to fill the needs not being done at home. So if you’re still reading, look at my picture, and think about it? Me: 5’11” 160 lbs Hazel green eyes Blond hair Medium build Chat me: xxx @ Yahoo Thanks Jerry Cell # (206) 793-xxxx

I believe “NSA” means No Strings Attached. How could you do such a thing Jerry you sick fuck?

Back into the movie, Match Point is a good movie, I don’t think you want your money back for this movie.

This is quite watchable but not that appealing I should say. The whole parasites taking over the world concept is not that bad but it felt a tad bit artificial to me. Artificial in the sense that it seems to be the acting is not that natural. Big nasty creature was kinda ok although the part where we find out who is actually the queen is totally unnatural and visual effects are nil on that scene. Don’t be fooled by the “horror” title, it’s not a horror movie at all. Not that it doesn’t have any scary moments. I mean common, horror? Heh.

Might be good if you’re bored so much so that you cannot find anything better on the video store.

Some of the idealists who read this might be a bit dissapointed, but who care’s about them anyway. I’ve decided to write about movies again, just to keep track of the stuff I watched and the things I like. After all this is a la journal. Been into movies a lot lately. It is fun, I’ve build up a method of keeping myself happy everyday, everysecond. That’s a lot of fun, believe me. You could try it too. I started with small “rewards” (if you can call it that) like an ice cream. It worked like this, when I feel like eating an ice cream I go grab one and enjoy eating it. That boost my happiness/enthusiasm into very high levels. Might be a bizzare for some of you but that works for me.

And no, I don’t think of big things such as having a feeling to get a Hummer H2 and going and getting it. I’m being realistic here. The ice cream this is just one example. I find that I could concentrate better when I’m in a happy mood.

My ex-girl friend is having some very weird behaviour like when I’m involved with something that will help me to be successful in my life, she tends to demotivate me and redirect my attention from those to stupid bullshit. I could very well give an example here. I was having an exams couple of months back and she started complaining that I’m such a rude person and telling me that I’m having an affair with someone else. Which is totally ridiculous. I told her like 10 times that I will not be able to call her during my exams ‘cos I want to concentrate on my studies more for that particular week but there she was complaining and fighting with me. This is all day before the exam.

I don’t know why people are having such thoughts…. why would one ever want to do that? I would like everyone in this world to be intelligent and passionate about the things they do and be honest and good to everyone they associate with. What do you have to loose just being nice to people? I was wrong, there are people like my ex, who have their own hidden agendas and try to pull down when people start to climb the ladder of success. Those shit eating cunts are now worth to this world.

Pukka? ROTFL.


What is Pukka? Pukka is the name given to a commercial posting client. I’m sure that these people had no idea whatsoever what the name means.

In Sinhala the word “Puka” means arse. It’s not that offensive of a term but that’s what it means. Then the word “Pukka” is used for insulting purposes, it’s same as the word “fucker”. You tell that to a person. Same with Pukka. Well… a close analogy would be an arsehole. So unless you want to grab the $5 Pukka and stick it so far up your arse, you have a bad naming scheme for your products. Just a thought mind you.


Someone who is thinking that a physical structure resembling some other physical structure which are two different things although they “look” similar, offended by the one he’s not familiar with, is. Who would want to do that? Muslims. Apparently not all of them but a certain subset of them. They claim that the new Apple store is offensive and hope to stop it. I simply don’t know how much stupid these people are. Really.

Why can’t people understand such a simple thing? Why would anyone take the Apple store to be offensive because it resembles one of their shrines or something? Beats me.